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Inventia Genetic Technologies

Established in 2012, IGT is the leading provider of bovine IVF services in Australia, bringing to Australian beef and dairy producers the latest in bovine reproduction technology developed in Brazil, which is the world leader in bovine IVF.


Inventia Fine Chemicals

Inventia Pty Ltd has extensive experience in the contract manufacture and marketing  of  APIs and other high value, low volume small molecule fine chemicals.



Welcome to Inventia, the home of creative science. Inventia was born from a passion for science and problem solving, and a commitment to the thorough satisfaction of our clients. While we dedicate our vast knowledge and skill to the commercialisation of science, our diverse experience enables us to tackle a range of contract R&D projects across the life sciences, fine chemicals and laboratory automation.  Our R&D management expertise can translate a customer’s needs into an effective research program, which is not always an obvious step. With a global network of scientists and facilities at our disposal, Inventia can quickly deploy these programs and deliver the outcomes. We invite enquiries about how Inventia can assist you in these sectors, please Contact Us.